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Tres Belle Collective and Shear Conviction present, Killer Style!

Two young ladies go to two of the hottest fashion and styling businesses in the city for a look that’s all their own. Tres Belle Collective vintage clothing and Shear Conviction’s Salon/makeup/photography studio. Little did they know that the results would be dangerous.The hot and sick combination of Tres Belle vintage would prove to be too much for these two hot models. What ensues after they have tried on their amazing clothing along with getting their hair and makeup done is shocking

Annie Cosgrove succumbs to the style and shear magnitude of Tres Belle and Shear Conviction. She never even makes it out of the salon.

 #1 Vintage Vinyl Raincoat by Kenn Sporn for Wippette $72

#2 Vintage Leather Chanel Handbag $320

#3 Lace Bangle Bracelet $18

#4 Vintage Workout Leotard $22

Janasha Hampton lasts just long enough to get home but falls victim to the Killer Styling as well. These hot looks for the summer are to die for. And these young ladies are living proof?

 #1 Vintage Hat with Veil $30

#2 Vintage Secretary Shirt by Talbots $24

#3 Custom “Box by O.” Cigar Purse $88

#4 Vintage Pencil Skirt by Ms. Robinson’s $38

#5 Vintage Leather Belt by Milos $22

If making you look good was a crime, Shear Conviction and Tres Belle Collective would be guilty as charged. For more information visit.


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